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Our Name

So you must be wondering, how do you pronounce “CIGOGNE BéBé”? Don't worry, we have you covered. It sounds something like – see-GONE beh-beh.

Yes, we know it's difficult to say, but there’s a special meaning behind the name!

“CIGOGNE” is the French word for stork. The stork is also a well-known bird in Asian culture, but in western children's stories, the stork is known as a mythical bird that brings newborn babies to families. .

To us, the stork symbolizes the arrival of good tidings and blessings.
And just like the stork, we hope our clothes bring joy and laughter to our customers and their loved ones.

Our Team

At CIGOGNE BéBé, we’re serious about making comfortable, safe, and stylish baby clothing. Prior to launching our brand, our team spent many years making high quality knitwear clothing for adults and children. This means that in addition to having great taste*wink wink*, we also have strong technical expertise in garment manufacturing.

Our team is involved with the production process, every part of the way. Every season, we start by conducting extensive research into finding the right kind of materials. Then, our team starts designing a collection that’s beautiful and expressive. Finally, we construct the product, and incorporate various features that make each item safe, comfortable, and easy for parents to use.

We’re so focused on quality, that we spend about a third of our time just overseeing the production process. Because we have a dedicated workshop, we’re able to work closely with our production team every day, to bring our designs to life.

We Love Mother Earth!

We care about your baby, and the world he or she will inherit. That’s why we try to keep our production process as environmentally friendly as we can.

Besides creating products with organic, naturally coloured cotton, we also try to use cotton as much as possible. Our fabric dyes only contain gentle chemicals that are eco-friendly, our resin buttons are recyclable, and our packaging is made out of 100% recycled paper. You can read more about these features here.

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