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When it comes to baby clothes shopping, we all look for the finest and the purest organic cotton for our little ones. Often, we assumed the whiter the cotton, the purer it is. Well, think again - not all cotton is white!

Some cotton breeds naturally grow in different hues, such as brown, green, or even red. Since they don’t require any bleaching or dyeing, they are called “Naturally Coloured Cotton”. Contrary to our common belief that coloured cotton contains impurities, this breed of cotton has natural properties that are suitable for newborn skin.

Did you know that not all cotton is white!

Here's why we LOVE naturally coloured cotton Why use naturally coloured cottonWhy use naturally coloured cotton

  • leaf

    It's 100% ORGANIC!

    No man-made fertilizers or harmful pesticides were used during the cotton-growing process. Keeping it all natural!

  • heart

    It's SAFE!

    The garments do not contain any bleach or chemical dyes - perfect for newborns and infants with sensitive skin.

  • world


    Like we said, no dyes, bleach, chemical fertilizers or pesticides are used. Hurray for Mother Nature!

  • sun

    It's got SUN PROTECTION!

    Studies show that naturally coloured cotton provides stronger protection against the harmful UV rays. Yay for built-in sunblock!

  • smile


    Not all cotton is created equal! We work with a higher quality cotton that gives a softer feel, making sure your baby wrapped up warm and cozy.

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All clothing listed as organic are tested and certified by either one or a combination of these three bodies:

organic textile logos

100% of our organic cotton clothes contain at least one of the certified labels above. We focus on creating a wardrobe of quality, comfortable and smart-looking baby wear without compromising textile safety or sustainability.

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