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Our Materials

Our signature line is our naturally coloured cotton series.

These clothes are made from 100% organic cotton that’s not bleached, or chemically dyed – making it perfect for newborns and infants with sensitive skin.

CIGOGNE BéBé™ Postman Knit RomperCIGOGNE BéBé™ Heartwarming Sleep BagCIGOGNE BéBé™ Naturally Coloured Cotton 3-Piece Set

Our non-organic series is more fun and playful, but still made out of the same great quality of cotton sourced from the United States, Australia, Turkey and China. Our fabric dyes only contain gentle chemicals, and are friendly to the environment.

CIGOGNE BéBé™ Circus Suspender Onesie
CIGOGNE BéBé™ Circus Tank Romper Set
CIGOGNE BéBé™ Super Baby Romper
CIGOGNE BéBé™ Cupcake Knitted Romper

Our clothes are 100% cotton when possible. The exceptions we make are for certain decorational elements in our clothings like polyester mesh for dresses, and polyester fillings in our sleeping bags and blankets.

Polyester Mesh

We choose polyester filling over cotton, because polyester filling is fire-retardant and won’t lose its shape when cleaned in a washing machine. We don’t use cotton filling, unlike polyester, has a tendency to grow mold if not dried properly.

Polyester Filling
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