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What to pack going out with baby

Packing can be difficult when going out with baby, especially for new parents. It’s also very easy to forget to bring essentials, therefore, we created a packing list of the most important items to bring with a few tips for your convenience!

items to pack when going out with baby

Bring a baby blanket

Pack a light baby blanket or muslin swaddle in your diaper bag. We know this sounds a bit crazy, but when it comes to breastfeeding, you will find this handy! It's also perfect to bring out to the beach. Since it is easy to get sweaty when going out especially in summer, breastfeeding in sweat and heat may get quite sticky and gross. One good tip we learnt is to use a light baby blanket to wrap your baby before you begin breastfeeding. This will help absorb sweat and keep skin from sticking to each other in an uncomfortable way. It will also keep your baby from moving around, making it easier to manage as you breastfeed outside of home.

A blanket is also perfect for autumn as it could be a temperature difference between day and night. You probably will spend a long day outdoor so keep a blanket in your bag is essential to keep your baby comfortable and warm.

Feel free to check our breastfeeding maternity wear which is part of our Night Owl collection so mom and baby can wear matching clothes. Of course, we made it with 100% organic and naturally coloured cotton that's not been bleached or dyed!

Beat the heat and sweat

Do pack extra tees or bodysuits - both long and short sleeves each, in your outing bag! Save your baby from lying in sticky and damp clothes all day or keep them warm after sweating from outdoor activities in all seasons, especially as we have strong air-conditioning here in Hong Kong!

Do pack extra tees or bodysuits with you. Don't forget a blanket too!
items to pack when going out with baby
going out with baby

Keeping your baby comfortable and safe

The last thing you want is your baby to get sunburnt under direct sunlight! Nature-loving peeps like us would much prefer the all natural, chemical-free approach to avoid applying sunscreens and chemicals on babies’ soft, delicate skin. Natural shieldings and shadings from baby clothes are your safest bet!

One simple thing you can do: add a headpiece to your baby’s outfit. Accessories are not there just to accessorize. Headpieces are often much neglected and overseen, but they do shield off harsh rays from your baby’s eyes and adds a funky twist to the look! Try sun hats, or caps especially those made of naturally coloured cotton!

Our fabric is naturally coloured cotton. It provides stronger protection against harmful UV rays like an all-natural sunblock! Advantages made apparent, right?

Essential packing list:

  • Bottles / Water / Packets of formula
  • Few of your kid’s favourite toys
  • First aid kit
  • Pack a light blanket for outdoor breastfeeding
  • Pack at least 1 change of outfit
  • Diaper rash cream
  • Baby wipes
  • Shield off UV rays with baby clothes and headpieces preferably made of naturally coloured cotton
  • Choose lightweight, breathable and absorbent baby clothes made of organic cotton
  • Use a comfortable bag with straps

And you’re ready! Off you go for outdoor activities with your lovely babies. Have fun!

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