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Size Guide 尺碼表

how to get measurements

Tops / Bodysuits / Rompers / Outerwear
上衣 / 連身衣 / 外衣

CIGOGNE BéBé Size label
Body length* (cm)
身長* (厘米)
Chest circumference* (cm)
胸圍* (厘米)
0–3M 52 40
3–6M 59 42
6–9M 66 45
9–12M 73 48
12–18M 80 52
18–24M 90 54
3 Years 100 56

Trousers / Pants / Skirts
褲 / 短裙

CIGOGNE BéBé Size label
Body length* (cm)
身長* (厘米)
Waist circumference* (cm)
腰圍* (厘米)
0–3M 52 41
3–6M 59 44
6–9M 66 45
9–12M 73 46
12–18M 80 47
18–24M 90 48
3 Years 100 50

*Please note that all sizes listed here are for reference only. The size labels listed here approximately correspond to measurements of your baby. They are NOT the actual clothing sizes These measurements refer to the body length, or full height of your baby and chest circumference. Please refer to the diagram of the baby, which illustrate where to take measurements of your child.

Sizes for all accessories, such as mittens, hats, blankets and sleeping bags are listed on their respective product pages.

Industry standard for baby clothing is to use the baby's age as the size (0-3 months, 3-6 months, etc...), but it is important to measure your child as it is possible to have an older child that still needs a smaller size, or a younger child that needs a bigger size.

For example, a baby that is 19 months could still be wearing a size 12-18 months size, or a 5 month old baby could be wearing a 6-12 month size.

If your child falls into two different sizes between then it is best to size up to ensure a better fit. For example, if your child measures 55cm in body length, and falls between a 0-3M and 3-6M size, it is usually better to size up and choose the larger size, which in this case is 3-6M.

*請注意以上列出的所有尺碼只供參考。“CIGOGNE BéBé 尺碼"所標明的尺寸,是相對大約寶寶身體的尺寸,而並非衣物實則尺寸。請參考圖中的量度方法。


嬰兒服裝工業標準習慣使用月數代表嬰兒尺碼 - 0-3M 、 3-6M 、等等…,但是量度你的寶寶尺寸仍然是很重要的。較年長的寶寶可能須要較小的尺碼,較年幼的可能會須要較大的尺碼。

例如,一個19個月的寶寶可能還會穿 12-18M 的尺碼,一個5個月的寶寶可能適合 6-12M 的尺碼。

如果你寶寶的尺寸是兩個尺碼之間,那麼選擇較大的尺碼可能會比較適合。例如,如果你寶寶的身長是55cm,這是 0-3M 和 3-6M 兩個尺碼之間,那麼選擇較大的 3-6M 尺碼可能會比較適合。

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