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Types of Baby Clothes - Onesie/Bodysuit

Bodysuits or Onesies are the most basic of baby wear, and should be your go-to inner layer for all seasons. There are lots of different stylings - collar, sleeves, skirts, etc. - but most important to note is the opening. There are two main types of openings  - the front opening or bottom opening.

First-time parents may be more comfortable with front-opening clothes, but it's not difficult to master the bottom-opening bodysuit. The trick is to create a wide opening with your hands, and pass the bodysuit through the baby's head first. Next, slowly and carefully slip the hands through the sleeves. And, finally, pull the bodysuit down to cover the body.

Baby clothes have different fastenings - snap buttons, velcro, magnets or string ties. String ties are popular in Asia and easier to faster with a simple knot and bow, but many western countries discourage them because they find that loose strings pose a danger to babies. It's really up to you, but we at CIGOGNE BéBé use resin snap buttons. They're non-allergenic and sage for babies.

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