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Heartwarming Organic Naturally Coloured Cotton Gift Set


This heartwarming organic cotton gift set is pure, soft, and incredibly comfortable.

This 6-piece gift set includes:
- 1 x Organic Cotton Blanket
- 1 x Organic Cotton Long Sleeve Onesie
- 1 x Organic Cotton Booties
- 1 x Organic Cotton Mittens
- 2 x Organic Cotton Muslin Handkerchief

All items in this classic set are made with 100% organic, naturally coloured cotton that's not bleached and dyed. The one exception is the inner stuffing of the blanket which is made with polyester mesh, which allows the blanket to be machine-washable. The warm pine color of these clothes and blankets belong to the natural color of the cotton flower itself, which is turned into yarn, then fabric naturally without the use of any man-made chemicals. This type of cotton is perfect for babies with sensitive skin. We also use hypoallergenic resin snap buttons that's gentle on babies' skin.

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