Types of Baby Clothes December 23, 2015 16:17

Onesie / Bodysuit

Bodysuits or Onesies are the most basic of baby wear, and should be your go-to inner layer for all seasons.

There are two main types of openings - the front opening (wrap /kimono style) or bottom opening. First time parents may be more comfortable with front-opening baby clothes, but it's not difficult to master the bottom-opening bodysuit. Watch this video to learn how to put clothes on your baby.

Baby clothes have different fastenings – like snap buttons, velcro, magnets or string ties. String ties are popular in Asia and can be easily fastened with a simple knot and bow, but many western countries discourage them because they find that loose strings pose a danger to babies.


A romper is like a bodysuit, but covers part or all of the baby's legs. It's important to note whether its a front-opening or bottom-opening, and go with whatever you're comfortable with.



Beanies are important to keep babies' heads warm after they're born.


Bibs catch drool, food and all sorts of dribble.


Mittens are essential for keeping babies' fingers warm, and to prevent them from scratching their delicate skin.

Booties / Socks

Socks or booties will keep babies' toesies warm and toasty.

Changing Mat

Babies pee and poop all the time, hence they need frequent changing! Reusable changing mats are great at keeping your diaper changing station hygienic and clean.

Sleeping Bag

You can opt to use sleeping bags when babies are a few weeks to a few months old. Pros: babies won't be able to kick the bag off like a blanket, so their bodies will stay at a constant temperature throughout the night.


Swaddling is a technique that mimics the coziness of the mother's womb. There are many techniques to swaddle - check out this link for more tips.